Windows xp print custom paper size

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canon borderless custom paper size?

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Changing the Paper Size or Type

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Aug 01,  · On my setup, the paper size setting seems to be taken from the windows default printer. i.e. default printer is "pdf creator". In the advanced tab of the printing prefrences I found that the paper size was set to A4. Windows XP has a built-in Photo Printing Wizard to help you print multiple photos in several common layouts.

Windows will automatically rotate and crop the pictures to fit the layout you choose. Windows will automatically rotate and crop the pictures to fit the layout you choose. Set the custom paper size. Specify Units, and enter the Width and Height of the paper to be used. Then click OK.

Complete the setup. Click OK on the Page Setup tab. When you execute print, the data is printed with the specified paper size.

I am not able to print the correct custom paper size (11x17 landscape orientation) from my imac to the canon printer mark II. I have set up a custom paper size from the pop up menu and selected this size when I have gone to print but the printer defaults to.

Paper Size Paper size of 80 x mm is selected by default, and the following sizes can be selected. 80 mm 80 mm If a custom paper size is required, click the “ ” button to add or update a custom paper size and then, click the “Save” button after specifying the paper width/length and a paper .

Windows xp print custom paper size
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