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Pebble Smartwatch with E-Paper Display

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Pebble (watch)

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Pebble Watch Pros And Cons

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I use my family for that. Print Functionality Pebble claims that its smartwatch can see 5 ATM, which means it can be afraid feet under water before voting. Its " e-paper color display is LED backlit yet uses minimal power, affording up to seven days of use on a single charge.

A built-in microphone lets you use your voice to respond to notifications from select apps and the watch is water-resistant. The watch has a x pixel display, and uses the same e-paper technology you'd find in Amazon's Kindle.

That means it only displays in black and white, but makes it readable outside under direct sunlight, and gives the watch a seven day battery life. Pebble Time: Geeky design, colour e-paper. First things first, the Pebble looks better in real life than the pics you'll have seen online.

The black model is a little boring but will look neat. Dec 07,  · Its open-sourced, utilitarian smartwatches, with their “e-paper” displays and relatively long battery life, won over the early tech adopter crowd, as well as app developers who wanted to build.

Unlike the Apple Watch's sharp, full-color touchscreen, the Pebble Time can only show limited colors on its "e-paper" display. It's kind of like looking at a children's picture book. The Pebble – E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android is currently up for funding on Kickstarter.

A minimum pledge of $99 will get you your very own Black Pebble watch, which will begin shipping out by September

Pebble e paper watch buy
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