Paper souffle cups

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Paper Souffle Cups

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This cup is cost efficient and disposable.

2oz Paper Souffle 20-250

Also available: 1 oz. (#) cups per sleeve; 4 sleeves per package, total of 1, cups Similar & Companion Items: The Crusher Stainless Steel Tablet Crusher All Metal Tablet Crusher Paper Souffle Cup, 1 oz. Portion and souffle cups are great for just about anything you want to serve your customers in small amounts.

If you have a salsa or pepper bar, we have the right cups to have available. Burger joints often use paper or plastic cups to dispense ketchup. Dressing on the side is a common request in restaurants, and you need somewhere to put the dressing so it's easy to get to and doesn't make a.

Solo® Treated Paper Soufflé Portion Cup - 4 oz. | While these soufflé portion cups work well for your customers, they're also an economical solution in the back-of-the-house.

Chefs like to use these versatile cups as measuring tools. | Trio Supply Company. These Ingeo™souffle cups are derived from plants.

paper souffle cup

Our souffle cups are only for cold or lukewarm foods below degrees Fahrenheit. Souffle cup sizes range from 1 to 4 ounces. The 1 and 2 oz souffle cups are perfect for ketchup and other sauces. Lids. Welcome to our booth H20 at MEGA SHOW PARIS fromNovember Invitation.

Dart Solo 200 2 oz. White Paper Souffle / Portion Cup - 5000/Case

From 21 November - 23 Novemberwe will be exhibiting at the "MEGA S. How to Recycle Paper Cups. Your classic to-go coffee or soda cup is designed for one-time use, but unfortunately recycling at this point is basically nonexistent in the U.S. That’s because all cups are lined with a thin coating of plastic that can’t be easily separated during the recycling process.

Paper souffle cups
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