Paper snowman

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Christmas Snowman Mobile Phone Cover Case

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Cut out a snowman shape. Cut out a hat and a scarf for your snowman and then glue them to your snowman with a glue stick. Draw in or cut out embellishments for your hat and scarf if you like. Cut out a carrot nose and glue it on. Use a marker to draw in the coal eyes, mouth and buttons.

Snowman - Paper craft (Instructions) For Christmas, try making this Snowman are the Instructions to make the craft. Here are some examples of what this printable craft looks like when it. Snowman: 1. Paint the toilet paper roll white.

2. Make the earmuffs by gluing the pipe cleaner over the top. Glue two medium sized white pom poms to the side.

Snowman Crafts, Activities, Games, and Printables

3. Cut out a carrot nose from orange cardstock and glue down. 4. Cut out a strip for the scarf and then wrap around the paper roll and glue down. On black construction paper, draw and then cut out a top hat and two boots.

On colored construction paper (or gift wrap paper), draw and then cut out two mittens. Glue the hat, boots and mittens on the snowman. 35 Creative and Fun Snowman art craft food ideas - DIY Christmas Ornaments, Snowman Food Decoration, Art ideas and more.

35 Creative and Fun Snowman art craft food ideas Shredded Paper Snowman from Baby Center Paper plate snowman craft.

Geometric snowman

Torn Paper Snowman Trace a large circle and a small circle onto blue construction paper with a pencil. Have children tear pieces of white construction paper and glue them into the circle like shown.

Paper snowman
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Absolutely Adorable Paper Cup Snowman Craft for Christmas