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Das Traumgesicht in Kap. 2 verwendet die aus Hesiods»Werken und Tagen«und dem persischen Avesta bekannte Vorstellung von den 4 Weltreichen.

- In Kap. 8 sind. Hesiods Works and Days features a story called The Five Ages about the clash of generations in a metallurgical analogy, explicitly referenced in Book VIII, which represents the stages of mans political degeneration.

XXIII To my worthy and honourrd Friend, Mr George Chapman, on his Translation of Hesiods Works, & Days XXIV On the Author, Work, and Translator XXV To the Reader. The day of prorogation was the 26th of June.3 One day in the latter end of August, John Felton, a short swart Suffolk gentleman of military air, in fact a retired lieutenant of grim serious disposition, went out to walk in the eastern parts of London.

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Paper presented at the nd Annual Meeting of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South, Gainesville, FL, April 6–8, Sinos, D. S. Achilles, Patroklos, and the Meaning of Philos.

Day hesiods paper term works
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